TruCore provides practice management consulting that will help any advisor develop and grow their uniquely ideal practice by aligning and embodying the advisor’s and client’s VALUES and GOALS.

Our academy of advisors employ a proven marketing, sales and strategy framework to elevate their practice results visibly beyond the outcomes other advisors deliver.  Our program focuses advisors on goal-centered financial, risk management and estate planning for their clients, ensuring the plans they develop will attain both short-term and long-term goals.

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As a financial advisor, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) or insurance agent, are you prepared to have your best year ever? Are you positioned take advantage of an ever-changing landscape and make the most of the forces impacting your business?

The “fiduciary duty” or DOL Rule is one of many disruptive forces that will impact financial intermediaries.

Regulatory change is a given; Robo-advisors will continue to gain market share; an ongoing shift from active to passive will not stop, and all these changes impact the bottom line.

Today, more than ever, your prospects need the assistance of a trusted advisor to make sense of retirement savings, investing, wealth transfer and planning for their future.

The DOL Rule’s goal is to stop advisors from putting their own interests over clients’ interests in order to obtain the best investments at the lowest cost. This is not, however, an issue with the advisors we call our clients.

Advisors already seek to look after clients’ best interests, and the rule is intended to formalize this standard of care.

Regardless or the external forces that may impact financial advisors, there are some advisors who will embrace the ongoing change and put in place the tools and skill necessary to excel in this ever-changing world.

This below guide is structured to give you some insights into what you can do today to prepare for ongoing change. Along with a view of TruCore’s Practice Management Consulting.

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