TruCore’s Accelerated Sales Training Program consists of online courses, videos, sales coaching, and exercises completed prior to weekly mastermind groups. Using online learning tools, salespeople will go through a 10-week quick-start program that includes weekly 90-minute group training sessions. During each mastermind sales training session, salespeople will share ideas with each other to help them grow.

The Science Behind an Accelerated Sales Training Program

Research tells us that a 70:20:10 accelerated learning formula is the best way to ramp up salespeople quickly. The formula calls for 10% of a program to be conducted via formal learning in a reversed classroom (online, books, videos, and exercises), 20% of the program to consist of informal training through learning from peers, and 70% to consist of doing the exercises and other work. 

Our program is structured to maximize learning and give salespeople the right tools to quickly improve their performance, reduce costs, and maximize ROI for their organizations.  This is a one-year program that involves 10 weeks of accelerated learning.

Leveraging online learning tools, salespeople complete a 10-week quick-start program along with weekly 90-minute mastermind sessions with other salespeople. In each mastermind session, we will discuss as a group the 10 critical elements of sales success using exercises completed before the mastermind session. 

Learning the 10 critical elements of sales success via the reversed classroom, reviewing the elements and lessons learned in the mastermind group, and applying these lessons to the sales profession significantly accelerates results for new and existing sales teams.

10 Elements Sales Curriculum:  Sales Concepts Covered

Class Sales Element Lessons Learned
One How Selling Has Changed & Why People Buy  Modern sales processes – Strategy and value selling (105) – What is pain persuasion and influence (202 & 203)
Two Communication & Listening skills Effective communication and listening (206 & 207)
Three Price and Resistance Overcoming resistance and price objections (208 & 209)
Four Sales Process Sales process & advanced agreements (301 & 304)
Five Consultative Selling Diagnosis & uncovering pain and shortening sales cycle (305 & 306)
Six Investment and Closing Uncovering budget & decision process and closing the deal (307 308 & 309)
Seven Confirmation and Ongoing Suppor Confirming the sale and ongoing account management (310 & 311)
Eight Prospecting & Preparing to prospect Prospecting -networking and reaching decision makers (402 404 & 405)
Nine Social Selling & Generating Referrals Social selling & generating referrals (407 & 403)
Ten Setting Goals & Next Steps Mapping out personal and professional goals for success (501)

At the end of the 10-week program, participants receive the following benefits:

  • One year of access to the Client Builder Sales program to continue learning and expand knowledge
  • Ongoing access to the Core Mastermind group and other program graduates via a private Facebook group
  • Unlimited phone, social media, and e-mail access to TruCore sales experts
  • Open enrollment in future mastermind groups if needed