In order for a team to be successful, all the members must exhibit some specific traits. Teams don’t automatically work by simply putting a few highly skilled people together and expecting great results. To deliver a fantastic performance, individuals on any team have to work well together, stimulating and engaging with each other. Great sales teams are no exception, and they must develop certain traits, both individually and as a group, to improve their sales and be successful.

One of the first traits of a great sales teams is their confidence in their abilities. They are not concerned about where they fit in the organization and do not feel that their stability as a team will be hindered. Successful teams know their strengths and exude a belief in themselves. They also know that they will be taken care of: their team leader will have their back when they need it because the leadership trusts them. While successful teams may not have the highest results week to week their returns throughout the entire year will be strong because their culture of stability encourages healthy risk-taking.

Another trait of a great sales teams is that they know how to manage the flow of energy throughout their team. Energy is present in all companies – it starts with the leadership and flows down to front line employees and, ideally, back. When this energy flows smoothly, companies and teams have an unspoken understanding of each other that supports effort through both words and actions so that work is done without hand-holding or micro-managing. Sales teams that work together over long periods of time clearly demonstrate this easy flow of energy. After a while, others may notice that members of these teams approach issues or voice concerns in the same manner. Having the same energy flow allows the team to work more efficiently and not waste time waiting for approval from other members of the team. Team members also feel more independent when they are not micro-managed and are able to make decisions on their own that the rest of the team can trust.

The third trait of a great sales teams is that they feel they are recognized more by their organization than by their peers. Successful sales teams frequently perform self-evaluations using different metrics and are inspired by their company’s appreciation for their performance. Competitive people want to constantly feel they are winning, and they enjoy knowing they are making a great contribution. The best teams are nurtured by companies that ensure they receive this recognition. In circumstances where top performing teams do not win accolades from time to time, their leaders encourage them with the fact that they are part of a greater organization or company that will lead them to success in the future.

Finally, a great sales team knows how to manage so-called “process pressure.” All companies face process-induced pressure, and many sales teams are resistant to processes, attempting to bypass them in the drive to achieve results. Great teams know how to handle process pressure well. Team leaders should be proactive about addressing the pressure, which is an excellent demonstration of managing the team’s energy flow. With this type of leadership insight, teams can easily manage the load distribution with little direction. Great leaders are essential for successful sales teams.

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