I’m a huge Tom Brady fan, so I watch a lot of Tom’s Interviews.  I’ve included a recent Brady video below and one of the things that struck me about this interview is how it applies to elite salespeople.  Just like all elite players Brady’s focus on fundamentals and his simple break down of the game as, “It is just throwing and catching” holds true for football and sales.

At practice, Brady has multiple camera angles filming his every move and he watches the film daily.  Tom has a daily process of self-scouting.  He is always working on fundamentals and it is part of his daily routine.  His mindset is that you can lose a percentage or two every week so at the end of 5 weeks your fundamentals are off by 10%.

Finally, Tom has a clear reason as to why he lives the year-round lifestyle he does and it is to fulfill his big commitment to be out there for his team.  This commitment keeps him motivated to produce winning teams that generate Super Bowl Champions

Elite Salespeople are like Tom in that they have…

  • Self-Awareness
  • Focus on Fundamentals
  • A Winning Mindset
  • Process for Improvement
  • Accountable to Someone

High degree of Self Awareness:  They know their numbers and more importantly they are aware of their mindset and can self-correct.  Do you know if you have a high need for approval or head trash that holds you back?  Using an assessment like Objective Management Group’s salesperson evaluation is a great way to know if your team has the right mindset and skill set to sell at an elite level.

Focus on the fundamentals:  Elite salespeople focus on their fundamentals and are constantly seeking to improve, they track their numbers and don’t need to be told what their conversion rates.

They have a winning attitude and a never give up mentality:   This season Brady is not happy with their 6 and 2 record and would be happier with 8 and 0 although either one keeps them at the top of the AFC.

A process for improvement:  Although it would be great to have a film crew follow you around all day on your sales calls it may freak our prospects.  Even without a film crew you can record your calls or do a quick personal debrief at the end of your face-to-face meetings.  Keep notes on what went right what you can improve upon.

Have a coach, manager, mentor or a friend who will hold you accountable.  If there was not Bill Belichick would there be a Tom Brady?  Tom has a quarterback coach, a body coach, a head coach and then there is Giselle all supporting him and helping him get better every day.

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