Three months ago, I hit a number on the scale that I’m still too embarrassed to share. I was at a crossroads and had to make an important decision about my health and wellbeing. I found a trainer who was a perfect fit for me.

After about six weeks of working out and following a strict eating plan, I hit a plateau. It was driving me nuts, so I decided to deviate from the plan and not follow the process that my trainer had created specifically for me and my goals. I started to eat less, which made me put on weight! My trainer kept asking if I was following the process, and believing that I was smarter than him, I lied …

After a couple of weeks, I finally fessed up. He told me, “Follow the process!” – along with a couple of stern words to set me straight. At that moment, it hit me that this is a primary focus of TruCore’s consulting and training. We work with sales organizations and help them develop a sales process. Through that process, they are able to increase sales and revenue.

In fact, throughout my entire professional career, I have been process-oriented. As part of working in the investment management industry conversations, we had with clients are often guided by the processes created by our investment teams. Why wasn’t I willing to believe in the process when it came to my own health?

Here are five reasons having a process can help you increase sales and generate consistent results, or even get healthy and lose a bunch of weight.

It’s measurable. When you have a process, you have a point of reference you can use to determine what is working and what is not. You can do A/B testing to see if changes to your process generate more sales, or if the changes hurt your outcome. Once you have information on what improves your sales process, you turn it into a competitive advantage for you and your firm.

It’s efficient. Once you have a sales process put into practice, you know what methods work. Also, you have a checklist that you can use to work with your client. You can use this checklist to make sure you don’t skip critical steps in qualifying your prospect. For instance, if you start off by discussing price, your prospect may not have a clear understanding of the value of your product or service.

It’s trainable and scalable. If you want to grow your organization, having a proven sales process allows you to onboard new salespeople more quickly and gives you quantifiable tracking to measure success and target training. More importantly, it provides a roadmap your organization can use to scale up a sales team quickly and easily.

It will increase confidence. As a sales manager, you are always working to increase the confidence of your team. With a sales process, your salespeople are not doing something different every time they speak to a prospect. They are repeating a process they have had success with in the past or that they have seen work for others. A sales team’s increased confidence can lead to less call reluctance and better prospecting.

It isn’t impacted by outside forces. As a sales manager, how often do you hear an employee blame some outside force for why they aren’t closing more sales? Sales managers who guide their teams based on a process can coach their salespeople through the process and focus on areas in which a salesperson may be struggling. Without a process, your team will be moving in multiple directions. Additionally, when economic forces are at play, you can motivate and reward your sales team for activities that you know will generate results over time, even if they currently are not.

The Po!nt

When mountaineers climb Mount Everest, they all follow the same route and process. Different teams may go at different times and have different leaders, but they all know the path to success is via an established method. It’s the same with weight loss and sales. Follow the proven process to increase revenue and meet your goals.

Can we be more effective and how much more effective can we be? Start the process of discovery today with the experts from TruCore.