I love sales and working with sales teams, but over the years I have heard tons of sales stories from people on why sales suck as we work with them to keep from going deeper into “The SUCK”. 

Also, I don’t say salespeople because some of them were not willing participants in their sales career or did not even realize a large portion of their responsibilities included sales.  

Here are just a few of the reasons I’ve heard from people on why Sales Suck…

  • Because you don’t have control of your product, your clients, or your day, but you are 100% responsible for the outcome.
  • People and prospect lie to you, they brush you off or just won’t hear you out even when they know your product or service can help them.  When people tell you, they will “Think it Over” they don’t and even worse they ghost you and won’t even take your calls.
  • I did not sign up to be a salesperson
  • You have a sales manager who keeps their face buried in the CRM and they give you little or no guidance on how you can become a better salesperson.
  • Making calls is the worst, and you hate having to call people to interrupt their day.
  • You hate sales and being a slimy salesperson and feel that you are not helping a client.
  • Getting told No does not sit well with you.  You want your prospects to like you and you cannot get over the fact that no matter how friendly you are, people still do not like you.

Three Options

You have three options when it comes to getting better, you can switch jobs and move to operations, change companies or just get better at sales.  One of my favorite lines I like to use when people ask me what I do is to tell them I make sales Unsuck!  There is a fix to all the reasons why sales suck listed above but it is up to you to make sales Unsuck for you and your organization.

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