Many companies struggle with a sales cycle that is too long or are challenged with salespeople who will not call prospects they don’t know. As a result, many salespeople spend too much time with prospects who will not buy. Complicating these issues is only 13% of sales people are able to get past a gatekeeper. If they are a new salesperson, the number drops to a dismal 1%. (source: data compiled by Objective Management Group “OMG”)

Does Social Selling Work? Many organizations are putting significant efforts behind Social Selling to overcome salespeople’s reluctance to talk to people they don’t know. This is not the best approach to engage new prospects and grow the business. Social Selling may create “likes” but prospects from this discipline rarely go further than passive interest.

The reality is, Social Selling is not a silver bullet that organizations can exclusively depend on to build qualified leads, engage new prospects and close deals. The OMG data further highlights only 5% of salespeople are good at both relationship building from cold engagements and Social Selling.

All is not lost. There is hope. Organizations that successfully hire effective salespeople follow a repeatable sales process that blends both traditional prospect procurement and new social lead generating capabilities are ideally positioned to excel in today’s marketplace. Social Selling and automated prospect development are just tools in the toolbox and should not be more important than the talent that uses them.

The Po!nt
Social Selling is not the silver bullet to increase sales. Organizations must build a collaborative set of sales tools that work in tandem with traditional one-on-one disciplines. If your organization is not able to combine the emerging new tools with a repeatable sales process, then they run the risk of having a sales team comprised of Dead Men Walking.

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