1104, 2017

Not Winning at Sales? Could It Be a Lack of Commitment? Then Target your Sales Training Program

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When there is an issue with a salesperson or a sales team, one of the first things we look at—before reviewing a sales training program or making any changes to the sales process—is the level [...]

2803, 2017

How Social Media has Ruined Sales, Salespeople and Sales Training

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As a sales consultant that works with organizations on their sales process and sales training I speak to a lot of sales leaders about their experiences in sales, and over the past couple of years, [...]

203, 2017

Four Reasons Your Salespeople Won’t Pick Up the Phone

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Early in my career I had a sales manager who would always ask me, “Did you have a good conversation?” when I dropped off a call. I always said, “ABSOLUTELY—it was awesome.” He never asked [...]

2301, 2017

Video – Hacking Sales Real Time

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  VIDEO – HACKING SALES REAL TIME   Gerhard Gschwandtner is an absolute leader in pulling together and interviewing great sales leaders and this Hacking Sales Real Time video is no exception.  If you are [...]

612, 2016

C’Mon Man – Nobody Stops at Nine!!!

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My trainer, Rod White, who has great self-awareness had me performing a sadomasochistic exercise called a drop-set—five sets of 10 repetitions with no rest between sets but you get to drop the weight after each [...]

1111, 2016

Three Traits of Great Sales Teams

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In order for a team to be successful, all the members must exhibit some specific traits. Teams don't automatically work by simply putting a few highly skilled people together and expecting great results. To deliver [...]

311, 2016

How to Lose Weight, Climb a Mountain or Increase Revenue

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Three months ago, I hit a number on the scale that I’m still too embarrassed to share. I was at a crossroads and had to make an important decision about my health and wellbeing. I [...]

3110, 2016

Three Communication Practices of Successful Sales Managers

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Successful sales teams are led by successful sales managers who encourage and motivate their team members to be top performers. The goals of a sales team include generating revenue and forming positive relationships with clients, [...]

2710, 2016

Six Power Ratios

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Doctors in the developing world measure their progress not by the aggregate number of children who die in childbirth, but by the infant mortality rate – a ratio of the number of births to deaths. [...]

310, 2016

One Sales Manager’s Rescue from Certain Death

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Marcus was considered a great salesperson. He was outgoing, would speak to anyone, and looked the part. In fact, Marcus had been successful with other firms in the past. Unfortunately, now he was struggling at [...]